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Custard hydrating and modeling gel

With natural extracts of aloe, agave, honey and prickly pear.


SIZE 250 ml / 8,4 fl.oz




price 25,00€

The Custard Gel gives curly hair the highest definition, while keeping a natural effect; thanks to its moisturizing properties, does not dry nor weigh curls down, keeping its tightness and long-lasting protection.

Acqua (water), glycerin, mel/honey, polyquaternium-37, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, opuntia coccinellifera flower extract, agave rigida (sisal) extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol, parfum (fragrance), citronellol
  1. Apply the Custard Gel over the entire length of your curls.
  2. Activate curls with some scrunching.
  3. In case of cast effect (the Gel gets solid, making curls look "stiff" and less elastic), you can break it with some scrunching using a few drops of Protective Oil.

Scrunching: place your hand wide open, with the palm looking upwards, right under your hair tips; then, move your hand from below upwards, gently closing your curly hair strands in your fist; go on over the entire head.

To get the best out of your styling, define your curly hair with some finger coil in the critical areas of your head - above your forehead, behind your ears, behind your neck.

Finger coil: roll each strand up around one or two fingers, as if they were a curler, and then let it fall; activate curls with some scrunching.

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